Verse Wear is a CHRIST centered boutique apparel brand. Set out on a mission for truth, wisdom & quality. Printed in Texas & veteran owned.

Unisex & Men Styles

One of the most comfortable shirts on the market today for both men and women with a traditional style.

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Just for the Ladies

We have the fashion and style you want. These super soft, ultra comfortable, and 100% cotton.

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Youth Styles

The same awesome, super soft, ultra comfortable, 100% cotton quality shirts of adults for youth.


How it Works?

Say It, Express It, Wear It

Be bold, wear it loud, and never bow to the how the status quo says you must in order to fit in.
#VerseWear — EST. 2015 | USA

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Be Wise & Responsible

Verse Wear only uses quality products. No Sweat Shop production, Eco-friendly for better quality, Super Soft and extra-comfy.

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